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Holiday is coming !!
Time to go home !!
Eid Mubarak is 6th of july and I'm ready to go home !! Finally, after 1 year here ( I'm college student) I'm going home. Food is waiting, time to get better food and nutrients. That's mean no internet too.

And suddenly Silentstalker write this >>CLICK<<
Oh Jesus! They release the XM1 FSED when I not able to play :(
Oh well, did I use gold for it ? No, I'm out of money and if I ask my parent for it, they certainly do not agree.

To be continue...

UPDATE: Yeah, I lose chance to get free XM1 FSED. My hometown internet is to slow for online game and FSED price is to high for college student like me. 10000 gold ( 21.99*2 = $43.98 or IDR 642.108 in Indonesian Rupiah ), Maybe I will get the AMX-10RCR
HOLIDAY IS COMING !! HOLIDAY IS COMING !! Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 7/02/2016 Rating: 5

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