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Hasil gambar untuk hit button

Hello guys!
Like the title, what happen when you hit reset button? You lost everything in your account? I'm explain everything about reset to you now.

Reset actually some feature in patch 0.19 that help some player need to change their grind-line ( I'm bored in Abrams line and want to change line to T-14 but too lazy to play from bottom tier ). What happen when you hit reset button ? Here is it :

1. You lost your grind-line
All your regular tank is gone and lost the progress too

2. You get all your credits, gold and reputation back

Like you see in that picture, after reset I gain about 5K of gold, 500 million of credits and 37 million of global reputation. So, you get all you gold back from camos in your all regular tank, all credits and reputation you've used (reputation convert to global reputation). About "Battle Hardened", my T-90A already battle hardened but after reset I lost that tank so battle hardened status is lost too. In this case, I didnt receice gold from my T-90A battle hardened. So maybe battle hardened is exception (in other word, your gold from battle hardened status isnt back).

3. You lost all reguler tank
All reguler tank in your garage is gone but not with the premium tank. All premium tank stay in your garage after reset. Exeption for T-62A Veteran, this vehicle isnt premium tank and doesnt have premium status but if you have it before reset, you can keep it afrer reset.

4. Commander 
All commander you have before reset stay in your account after reset. As can you see, all my commander still have their skill and level also unlock. But commander skill from before reset is same and you doesnt need to retrain them.

5. Crew
All your crew from premium and reguler tank is same after reset. Example for my Leo EVO, they still have same level before reset but their skill is lost so you need to pick their skill again.

6. Camouflage

All your camo in premium tank is still there after reset but not in regular tank, they lost all camo(and convert it to gold). Merkava and T-90MS for example, before reset I bought them camo for 3 different condition map (forest, desert and snow) but after reset, only premium tank have all camo.

7. Decal

All your decal (event decal and paid decal ) is stay in your account after reset.

8. Retrofits
Now, it's a little bit confusing. The v2 retrofits is already unlock after you reset but you can't using it.
V2 retrofits already unlock in my Leo EVO after reset but cant mount it, I think its a bug.
But if you already mount v2 retrofits in your premium vehicle before reset, it automatically mount in your premium tank like in my T-72B3.

9. Dossier
Reset button isnt reset your dossier. All your statistics in PVP, PVE, GLOPS, Medal isnt reset.

10. Inventory
All your Supply crates, boost, insignias and premium time stay in your account after reset. You lost nothing.

11. Reset in NA and EU account
You know that? Your account in NA is connected with your EU account. If you buy Collector's Edition or win contest like me ( I buy old Collectors Edition, RDF/LT and also win Operation Falcon pack) you will have that tank in your both account (NA and EU). But not in reset feature. If you reset your NA account, nothing happen in your EU account or vice versa.
WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU RESET ? WHAT HAPPEN WHEN YOU RESET ? Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 5/13/2017 Rating: 5

1 comment

  1. is a fake this histry of reset
    i had my draco to enter in game, but an advice was incomplete incoming
    ammo there was full,
    consumabe was full,
    retofits was incomplete. i clicke on icon to choose retrofit, appeared a window asked me to inser my nick and reset all my garage.+
    great works my.comù
    surely u go to loose a player. much better wot. so i leave here and i go back in wot
    bye armored warfare


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