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The time has come. Starting today, you’ll have the chance to decide the shape of the world of Armored Warfare and win some truly amazing prizes to boot. Today, the fate of the Balkan region is in your hands. My.com and Razer are proud to present the Man O’War Showdown!

The Man O’War Showdown is the first part of the storyline campaign. From May 4 2017, players will have the opportunity to join one of the factions vying for dominance over the Balkan territory. Are you going to try to save as many civilians as you can for your corporation? Will you grab victory regardless of collateral damage? Or will you help the local militias defend their homes and families? It’s your choice!

The event will take place between May 4 and May 17. Players can join one of the three factions via the Man O’War Page.

During the course of the event, members of each faction will accumulate Reputation in PvP, Global Operations or PvE battles (regardless of difficulty), the sum of which will be displayed on the Armored Warfare website. The Reputation will be assigned to the faction the players selected.

Using Credits

Players can spend in-game Credits using the Man O’War Showdown page to improve theirs and their faction’s Reputation counter. Twenty spent Credits will increase the Reputation counter by 1 point. Please note that only 100.000 Credits per 6 hours can be spent this way.

Ranking and Rewards

The faction that accumulates the most reputation (including the converted Credits) at the end of the event will be declared the winner. All the members of the winning faction will receive 14 days of Premium Time. All the other participants in the event will receive 7 days of Premium Time.

Top 50 players per faction by Reputation obtained and Top 50 players per faction by Credits spent will be displayed on a dedicated Ranking page.

All Top 50 members (300 players in total) will receive a special reward – a green T-72B3 Premium Main Battle Tank.

But that’s not all. The best player (by Reputation income, Credit income is excluded) of each faction receives a very special prize – a Razer Man O’War headset! Additionally, three headsets will be distributed to three random ranked players (one per faction). Please note that limitations apply as per the detailed rules stated below.

Read about the Man O’ War Factions Representatives

Each faction in the Man O’ War Showdown will be represented by a streamer from the Armored Warfare community. They’ll be the ones leading the charge for their faction!

Each day one of the Faction representatives will be streaming on their channels, encouraging people to get in and battle for their faction and, most importantly, giving away great prizes including a Razer Man O’ War headset!

Clayburn Seahawks – The Seahawks are going to be represented by H3dsh0t:

"Hey guys, I'm H3dsh0t. I've been a full time content creator for the last year and a half covering a bunch of games, including Armored Warfare. I like PvE missions and long walks on the beach, but I'm known to dabble in PvP from time to time! My streams are chill and questions are always welcome, so feel free to drop on by!”

Lodestar Deathwalkers
 – The Deathwalkers are going to be represented by Mootality:

“Feel invited to join me on the Man O' War Event! For those of you who don’t know me, I'm known as Mootality and I've been cruising around on Youtube and Twitch for a long time - mostly on tracks. For the big Event we are going have a look at the great Balance 2.0 Update and spread out a bit of loot during the livestream! One of the chests even has a RAZER logo on them. Looking forward to see you. For the Herd!”

Hajduk Militia
 – The Militia will be represented by Sir Havoc:

“Hi my name is Sir Havoc, I am passionate about gaming, online communities and the role they play in modern society, I take part in this by running a large international multiigame online community, making great educational and fun content and live streaming on YouTube, twitch and Facebook live. Come and say hi!”
This is the community’s opportunity to get together and battle for their faction as a group. Join your faction representative’s stream, get all your friends online at the same time with you and go to war!


  • Only raw reputation counts, Premium Time or Boosters do not affect the results
  • Players need to play at least 40 battles during the event period to be eligible for a prize
  • The event starts on May 4 at 15:00 CEST (6 AM PDT)
  • The event ends on May 17 at 15:00 CEST (6 AM PDT)
  • Faction choice cannot be changed after registration
  • Rankings are common for both servers
  • The prizes will be distributed once the event is over and the results are published on the website

We hope you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

Source : aw.my.com 
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