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In the new issue of diaries developers will focus on the game interface - why it was decided to change it and what to expect in the future.
Our main goal was to make the player feel comfortable in the hangar. To do this, you need to change the interface of two directions: to improve the appearance of the hangar and made more understandable setting it technology.
The first task we have seen a change in the style of the interface - make it more modern. The second task is more complicated, because we have to think not only about the players playing in the AW now, but also for beginners who need to be easy to understand the diversity of the tank setting for their first fights, without fearing the huge selection of equipment, consumables and modifications.
Complete processing interface requires a lot of time. Not to force players to wait long for improvements, we have decided to make changes in stages - when they are ready. For example, at first we did hangar interface - setting a tank before the fight.
The result of our work you have been able to try out. We have carefully reviewed your feedback, find the most critical issues and decide how to correct them. Something to improve right now, and you will fix soon, something will be corrected or added later.
What has been done
1. Esc button now properly closes all open windows. 
2. The interface of consumables and equipment:
  • we add to the filter interface consumables and equipment categories;
  • you can arm or disarm them by double-clicking;
  • as with the purchase of new equipment or consumable, it is automatically installed on the tank.
3. In the near future will be improved technique filters window. It will become more beautiful, add a text search.
4. Improved panel settings cartridges, crew, and so on. P. For large monitors.
5. Already, you can scroll through the list of equipment in the tanks with the mouse wheel.
6. Double-click on the tank in the equipment list, you can open its modifications.
What we're doing right now
1. The setting appearance tanks.
2. Provider Interface (tanks trees).
3. Inventory.
4. A number of small chat interfaces or various types of currency conversions and reputations.
What will be done later
1. Small icons crew skills in the crew list.
2. Asynchronous preservation tank settings on the server. This allows you to quickly customize the cartridges and modifications without waiting for a response from the server.
3. We are going to change the commanders of the system, so it will be completely redesigned configuration interface command.
4. There are further developed and are presented to the new design of the remaining elements of the interface.
we also want to make a completely new comparison of the interface characteristics of the tank. After that we will begin to improve personal business and, most importantly, the combat interface.

Source : aw.mail.ru 
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