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In the new issue of developer diaries we'll explain how and why the economic model has been redesigned versions 0.19-0.20.


In version 0.19 the economy globally processed in accordance with the new values ​​of strength and damage.On the tanks of the 9th and 10th levels of strength and damage have been further strengthened, because of what these machines have excess return. To adjust the rate of return in line with the rest of the levels used extra hidden factor that reduced the award for damages. In the version 0.20 system was changed again. Hidden factor has been removed, and the yield is reduced to a common mind on all levels by adjusting the value of the shells. Cost shells increased, but relatively common version 0.19 players wages have not changed. The economic model is still in surplus - the new value of the shells is lower than the potential reward for one shot.


We are constantly monitoring the game economy. In analyzing the data, we noticed that the award became a formality and received loans depreciated. To solve this problem in the update 0.20 has increased the cost shells for 9-10-m levels.
Then, after analyzing the statistics on the server, we came to the conclusion that, although the changes have improved the situation as a whole, depending on the capacity of the shells to the penetration of their cost-effectiveness has changed significantly. For example, the cumulative statistical punch less than armor-piercing shells and bombs inflict reduced damage - and they do not vary greatly in cost. As a result, some types of ammunition are very unfavorable. Therefore, in the next updates the value of all the shells (not only on the level of 9-10 m) will be adjusted. Most of the tanks as a result of price falls rounds, including at high levels. For example, Challenger ATDU masthead 140mm piercing projectile will cost 5801 credits instead of 6399, in T-14 "Armata" armor-piercing projectile cost decrease from 6919 to 5569, PTUR BMPT will cost 1031 instead of 1440. In some noticeable change value art, such BMP bombs-3M 30mm autocannon will cost 33 credits instead of 96, a top BB shell B1 Draco - 1074 instead of 4034.
As a result of these changes, the following will occur:
  • the cost of ammunition on all tanks will be reduced to a single model, the projectile price will correspond to the expected damage from it;
  • in general will decrease the cost of the shells, including on BOPS.


Conceptually, the economic model will be brought to the original objectives. The rewards will be more taken into account the contribution of the battle than mere participation. Calculation formula will be adjusted in the direction of the promotion of the individual actions of the player. To sum up: the better you play, the higher will be your reward. Well, if you all stood for battle on the basis of no damage and did not help the team, then the reward will be appropriate.
The economy in the game will remain in surplus in the future - the player will not be able to leave in a minus because of the expenses for repair or purchase of ammunition. The game system of compensation - if you have spent more than earned, the game will automatically add you to compensation. Prices for shells and repair will be balanced, global change we do not plan to, but the results of statistical analysis or as part of bug fixes can be made point adjustments to align the profitability of different machines on the same level.
At the same time consumables remain outside the system of compensation. Note that a good game will bring you income in any case, regardless of what is installed on your machine. The more effective you have shown in battle - the higher your total revenue.

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