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Hi Commander !
Now lets talk about Arty in PVE. AI Arty is so sensational in AW world, many people want to remove it from game but some people love it. Why so many PvE player hate Arty ? Because AI arty is so superior in game. They can shot you without spot first, they shot you from so far away and make your component broken, they only focus at 1 player so Arty like Pzh-2000 shot you all shell in the clip ( 3 or 4 ). Essentially they are so annoying.

My.com and OE already fix it but no, it still annoying. So now we got 1 answer for this problem, My.com and OE decide to remove AI Arty. Silenstalker confirm AI Arty will be remove in patch 0.19 .

Still no clue AI arty is going away for temporarily or permanently.

So what do you think about this ? AI Arty is annoying but maybe I will miss them...

AI ARTY IN PVE WILL BE REMOVE ?? AI ARTY IN PVE WILL BE REMOVE ?? Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 11/29/2016 Rating: 5

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