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Hi Commander !
We all know Centauro 155 is remove from the game because it so OP with HE shell and many player hate it ( Cent 155 = Fv215 183 ). When you asking about it in forum the moderator, manager or developer says "it will not coming back to game". But maybe they not really 100% remove it from AW, we can see Cent 155 in Advance Thermal Sleeve mk3 retrofit, we need to using Cent 155 to unlock that retrofits.

And now, they show it again, in AW : Project Armata youtube channel video Balance 2.0.
You can see Centauro 155 im minutes 2:34 . But wait! Cent 155 is not tier 8 TD anymore ! Now its a TIER 10 ARTILLERY IN ZHANG FENG TECH TREE!

If you zoom the image, it was Zhang feng logo behind the Cent 155. That was unexpected, from tier 8 TD in Shiskin to tier 10 Arty in Zhang feng ( well, the Cent 155 is artillery IRL ).

Still no confirm from Dev and My.com/Mail.ru about it so maybe Cent 155 will not appear in future update but did not rule out the possibility that Cent 155 will appear in future update.

CENTAURO 155 IS BACK ? CENTAURO 155 IS BACK ? Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 12/02/2016 Rating: 5

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