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Hi Commander ! This afternoon I tried tier 8 in EU PTS, Im only trying Leopard 2A4 EVO because I love it and Leo EVO is my country MBT's (lol).

1. The game is so bad perform. Game keep crashing randomly after match or during the match. SLI is not support in PTS so I should play with low setting ( It didnt work in my potato laptop or maybe my driver isnt up to date ?)

2. First time after MM put me in map with my team, first thing I feel is the mobility. MBT's mobility now is slow than in patch 0.18 so it feels so hard to drive an MBT

3. Weakspot's. The devs put the frontal weakspot to a new place. Im not facing all tank so I only know several. 1 thing is anoying is AFV now has more protection. Like a Ramka-99, I think this AFV now so superior. The weakspot on the side now not easy to pen. As you can see in first picture, I cant pen Ramka-99 on the side when they still have spaced armor.  The driver hatch now not a weakspot and when you shot at the turret, you only receive 50-70 Damage ( only 10% - 20% from Leo EVO full damage ).

Same case with BMP-3M Dragon too, the side armor is not easy to pen.

For the MBT's, I only meet Leo EVO and Abrams. The Abrams is the most fragile MBT I think. the frontal weakspot now is big and place in nice area. you can see the weakspot in picture below.

The Leopard 2A4 EVO 1 weakspot placed in lower glacis, is not easy to shot it but "lucky" finger can do.

4. Hit point. After several match I realized that the Base Hit point is same ( All MBT in tier 8 has same base Hit point, also in TD, LT, AFV and SPG ). The base hit point for tier 8 MBT is about 2500 or 2600 ( I forget ) and for Russia MBT they have a little bit lower hit point than western MBT ( 2400 or 2450 ). AFV is around 2000 to 2395. LT is around 2000 to 2100. SPG is 2100 (paladin) ( UPDATE : THERE IS NO SPG ANYMORE, THEY ARE TD NOW).

5. ATGM now is powerful. I dont know for sure the penetration of ATGM but the Ramka-99 is always pen me from face.

6. I like this, about Retrofits. Now you no need to grind a tank line to get new retrofits, now they are available since you open the game client, cost 500,000 in tier 8.

7. Ammo slot only 3 now so you can only bring 3 type of ammo in battle ( need to fix it )

8. SPG change to TD now

So, that's my first impression of balance 2.0, may I be wrong in reviewing B2.0 and you guys can write in the comment if I had a mistake. Overall, I like it but need more work and fix. People says its like WoT and I denied it. Its a different game with different playstyle. But will Balance 2.0 will save the population ? Idk, hope so because AW will be nice game.

IMPRESSION ABOUT BALANCE 2.0 IMPRESSION ABOUT BALANCE 2.0 Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 2/12/2017 Rating: 5

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