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Hi guys !
Sorry because no update for a few days, my college assigment is going crazy. Back to topic,
In future update, devs planing to adding some new tanks and new PvP map. Lets see

Object 787 "Viper"

M60 Phoenix

The Jordanian MBT develop by order of king Abdullah II. Have 120mm smoothbore gun and 950 HP engine. Protected by ERA in all of the body makes this tank have good endurance.

M60T (Sabra MK.II)

The modernization of the M60A3. Developed by Israeli in 2004-2005. M60T brings 120mm smoothbore gun.

PVP Map San Antonio

New PVP map named San Antonio

Source : Panzer Sofa
NEW TANKS AND NEW PVP MAP NEW TANKS AND NEW PVP MAP Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 4/19/2017 Rating: 5

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