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Hi guys!
Patch 0.19 hit RU server yesterday (4th April) but when its come to western server ? Based AW western portal, patch 0.19 will be release at 20th of april. Wait wait wait ! 20th april ? After 1 full month waiting in march and we should wait more time ? Yes! isnt april fool, patch 0.19 will release at 20th of april and it confirm by Silentstalker. Why western server got the patch so late than RU server ?

What i get from SS post is patch 0.19 is focus to release at server with big population like RU, as we know NA and EU population isnt good for online gaming. So RU first, EU NA later. Then what should EU & NA player doing while waiting for patch 0.19 ? Publisher will make something for us while we waiting. Maybe some event ? or T-64A Hunter giveaways ? And the last, the reason patch 0.19 release too late in EU & NA is to make sure the game is free from issue.

Well, at least we got ETA for patch 0.19 and no more wait.

I almost forgot, in patch 0.19 player who already buy T-72B3 will receive gold they spend for T-72B3. Also patch 0.19 bring something new :

- 26 new vehicle
- New PvP map "Chemical plant"
- New GLOPS map "Barren devide"
- 2 new PvE mission
- Skirmish mode

Source : aw.my.com 
PATCH 0.19 RELEASE DATE IN EU & NA SERVER PATCH 0.19 RELEASE DATE IN EU & NA SERVER Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 4/05/2017 Rating: 5

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