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Like I said in the title, I done with Armored Warfare after playing since Open Beta start. When I see this game on Youtube ( still in alpha, close beta ), it's looks awesome. I watch video about AW in DezGamez, BaronvonGames and phlydaily and hope this game enter Open beta so I can play too. When open beta start, I happy as fuck :D download the game and ............... no SEA server so I play in NA server in late October I get my first tier 9, the Leopard 2A6. I get it from PVE and grinding credits in PVE so hard, you got paid like slave ( averange cerdit per game below 100K ). I think this game have good "future" so I sold my WoT, WoT Blitz and WoWs account (well, I hate that game too ) and use the money for gold in AW.

In late november 2015, I remember My.com make a great event, 400% rep gain in every match, with it I get my 2nd tier 9, the T-90MS. This MBT so WOW but its for not long time, they circumcision it but its not a problem with me. In December I got my 3rd tier 9, the Challenger 2 and I get it with real money ( use gold to convert credits ), well, it's so pretty good time with AW.

But something that make this game screwed, the developer don't know how to fix bug like AI artilery and AI bots in pve, in pvp most annoying bug is shot delay, and they had no idea to fix it ( oh well ). People said, game event is bad because sometimes its delayed or not work properly but for me it's not a big problem, in fact they give compensation. And the MM, first they used SIMM in AW and it's feels bad. Every I touch 55% WR the MM fuck me so damn hard so yes....  I got 50% WR again. So many people complain about MM in forum so OE/My.com introduce "random MM" but I feels like SIMM still on, I remember I meet 3 man in platoon in enemy team, and I meet them 4 times in enemy team, not in my team ( we have good player in team but just a few ), if they used "random" MM why its happened ? I think free random generator apps in internet is more better because they really random. So thats what me stop playing AW, AI artilery, AI bots, MM and 1 again, poor optimization. For NA player base is low, it's so hard to find a match. In first open beta release, the population is good for PVP but now....... it's bad for online games, I can't talking about it, it's embarrassing. Why the population is bad ? My opinion is OE/catch player with good game concept, a Modern Tank, in first release the balance is bad, the MBTs is like God but many people love it, I think its a strategy to catch player ( me too ). But slowly, OE/My.com circumcise it. Since OE circumcise the MBT the player population is going low and low. Now only few player playing there ( you can only play in 4PM to 10PM or 6.00AM to 12.00PM in west indonesian time ). In queue window, you can see how much player waiting for match and usually, never above 100 ( for PVP ). For PVE is fine, the MM only need 5 player so the queue time isn't bad as PVP. If they put AW in steam I think it's a bad idea. Negative feedback will kill this game. And again, mmy friend told me this game is screwed because My.com is Russia company. Ummm, well I don't know about this, maybe just because all American hate everything about Russia and Russian ?? But I think this isn't true, Russia company like Wargaming can developing great game like WoT and WoWs

I done with AW but maybe if this game is already fixed I will return. If I want my money back its pointless, they already use my money to paid the developer and other. So maybe, spend my money in AW is worst choice for me.

Andrew Santoso

I THINK I DONE WITH AW ..... I THINK I DONE WITH AW ..... Reviewed by Perang Baja on 6/04/2016 Rating: 5

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