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Hi guys, after 2 days closed finally PTS open today. In there, we can testing for upcoming feature. So what new ? Check out

New Icon
Replay, booster and daily challenge icon rework. In Buttom-left, you can see a box, its what they called LOOT SYSTEM

Loot system

PTL-02 ASSAULTER TD, The first tier 8 premium tank
It's the first tier 8 premium tank in Armored Warfare. PTL-02 come  from Zhang Feng tech tree. You can puchase it with 9000 Gold, I'm not sure it's a final price, maybe it will become more cheap or expensive after official release.

It's a new tier 10 AFV in Shiskin tech tree. T-15 bring 30 mm autocannon and 4x ATGM. This AFV has big face :D . Upgrade option is so minimalist for T-15, only HE ATGM, smoke grenade and retrofits upgrade. So far T-15 feels like Terminator 2, Ramka-99 and Terminator. My opinion is this IFV suck in PVP but good in PVE.

New Sound effect
Now you can hear engine start-up when mission start ( I love the abrams and merkava star-up, sound like jet engine because they using Gas turbine engine ). You can hear gas turbine engine and diesel engine now, Cool. And when I drive T-15 ( diesel engine ) I can hear the driver changing the gear when you acceleration. They adding engine idle sound too. Gun sound now more "wow" in my opinion, more realistic. I'm sorry I cant recored it for you guys.

New Name for Merkava 2B
Did you notice that ? Now they called it Merkava 2D

Shadow option
Now you can disble shadow ingame, it give you lot of FPS but poor visual
From top to bottom : Off, Low, Medium, High, Very high, Ultra

That for now guys, tomorow I will back....
[PTS] PATCH 0.16 [UPDATE] [PTS] PATCH 0.16 [UPDATE] Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 6/11/2016 Rating: 5

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