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Tomorrow is first anniversary of AW !! This game already hit 1 year after release the open beta stage last year. Since that, we can enjoying ride out favorite modern tank in a game. And in 1st anniversary of AW, My.com prepare a interesting event !! What is it ?? 

Oh my god! IS-7 in AW ??? Awesome !! I wait for this tank so long in AW and now they will give it to you for FREE. How to get it ? You just need to play at least 5 PVP or 5 PVE match between 8th of october to 15th of october and My.com will send it to you garage.

2.T-64AV HUNTER Raffle
Play 1 PVP or PVE match in 8th of october to participate in T-64AV HUNTER raffle. They have total 200 T-64AV for EU and NA server ( 100 for EU and 100 for NA ) . Lucky winner will receive it on monday.

3. Free platinum supply crates
From 8th to 14th of october you can get platinum loot crate every day ( 1 per day ), just login in game

4.Bonuses and Discounts
From October 8 to 15 (9 AM CEST, 12 AM PDT), the following bonuses and discounts will be active:
  • - 50% bonus to the Reputation and Credit income
  • - 200% (x3) Reputation bonus for the first victory of the day
  • - 25% bonus to Credit conversion
  • - 20% discount on Premium Time
  • - 20% discount on all Premium Vehicles that are available in the client for Gold
  • - 20% discount on Global Reputation conversion

Here all present from My.com for AW player. Thank you so much for this event.

And I wanna say Congratulations to AW. I hope AW will be better better and more better in future. Thanks for the fun and I hope AW can give us more fun !

Source : aw.my.com
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