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Hello commander !
I almost forget to update my blog and TY channel in 1 or 2 month. No ! not because I getting bored with Armored Warfare or I stop playing Armored Warfare, because I'm busy right now. I write proposal for my Bachelor's degree. Proposal is like paper based research, all college student in Indonesia should finis his/her proposal so they can jump to next stage, Thesis. Yeah, we should write thesis that usually for Master degree.

I hope I can pass in end of this year, so I can find job and buy Gold for AW ( lolololol )

Oh yeah, about Hunter or T-64A Hunter. I see this MBT already rush in EU server, how to get one ? Maybe same like Chief. mk6, you can get it in YT channel, twitch stream, giveaway.
Oh, GameStone have a little Giveaway with T-64A as the reward ( Thankyou GameStone )
You can try your luck here :

Okay, maybe just it for this time. I will back soon.

I'M BACK GUYS ! WITH SOME INFO ABOUT "HUNTER" I'M BACK GUYS ! WITH SOME INFO ABOUT "HUNTER" Reviewed by Antoni Sarira on 10/03/2016 Rating: 5

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