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Hi commander ! News about balance 2.0 development. So, the comunity managers in forum said the balance 2.0 (patch 0.19) will be this month. But now 23rd of march still no signs of that. We have 1 week more of March and im sure it doesnt enough for developer to make a final of balance 2.0 .

And today, SS the Content Managers post article about "Balance 2.0 PTS - Round 4", the PTS taking place from 23rd to 27th of march NEWS. Well, im pretty sure the balance 2.0 isnt here in march. Its already round 4 start from 7th of February and now we get new PTS round 4, thats mean the development of balance 2.0 isnt done yet.

If balance 2.0 release at April, they should not pick 1st april because it means this game in joke. Well, if balance 2.0 really not done yet and still need development for perfect experience, I cant concerned that. But 146 days waiting isnt funny like wait your crush answer your ask to prom night together.

At least for PVE player this is good because PVE in balance 2.0 will be insane, MBT lost their front armor so AI can kill them fast.

Did balance 2.0 will be in April ?


Polish community manager MaciekM4A4 said PTS Round 4 is final of PTS and he argue the patch 0.19 will release in April. Looks like My.com have so busy next week. But I didnt expect too much, just wait and see what happen next week

Read from top to bottom :

  • The question - do you know how many of these "phases" of tests will still be? Is there any natural number or how much will it be?


  • The first conclusion is that the launch date of 0.19 is already postponed from March to April ...

Not exactly.

Thanks fror Google Translate :D
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