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Hi guys!
PTS is near us and bringing new tank, new map for PVE, PVP and GLOPS and ofcourse the most important new balance to all tank. From comunity we know patch 2.0 will be release in march but when ? There is no definite date when it come to live server. With the remaining time slightly in march, looks like devs and publisher have busy week now. But that if they really release patch 0.19 in march. I'm sure patch 0.19 comes in April.

Back to topic !
Well in all youtube channel (include my channel) only discuss about new tank and new balance. I want to tell you guys, actually there is so much new in patch 0.19 beside tank and balance. What I want to share here is about new Comsumable loadout, they are Surplus Part Crate and First Aid Cabinet

Surplus Part Crate

Surplus part crate have same funcion like spare part and repair kit, the different is in how much you can use it in match. In total, you can use it 3 times in 1 match. every time you use it, it will fix all component in your tank. After you using it you have to wait about 89.9 sec to use it again. But remember the cost of Surplus Part Crete is expensive, in tier 9 it cost you 55K credit every time you use it. Surplus Part Crete also give you 10% less time for repair component.

First Aid Cabinet

It have same funcion with first aid kit and medical kit but you can use it 3 times in 1 match. First Aid Cabinet have same characteristic like Surplus part crete, it heal all your crew, have 89.9 sec to cool down and cost you 55K credits every time you use. First Aid Cabinet also give 15% resilience to all crew while you bring it.

So that is guys the new comsuble in Armored Warfare. Honestly it expensive but also useful in PVP and GLOPS. In PVE I recomend you to not bring that, because PVE credit income is low.
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