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Hi guys !
2 days ago My.com sell T-72B3 Blue and Red bundle in portal. The sales isnt going fine, after few hours the sales should suspended during problems with T-72B3. The problems is MM put this tank to low tier match make MM not unbalance and the armor is too weak so publisher decide to remove it from game. T-72B3 will be back after get fixed ETA next week. In RU server, publisher give compensation :

- For player that already buy T-72B3 Red, blue or both will get 2000 gold ( gold will awarded today)
- For tier 4-6 player that traped in wrong MM with T-72B3 will get 1 day premium time 

Compensation only for RU player

Source : aw.mail.ru 
T-72B3 COMPENSATION IN RU SERVER T-72B3 COMPENSATION IN RU SERVER Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 3/18/2017 Rating: 5

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