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Hi guys !
Today I got my T-72B3 from premium shop, I just wanted to give you some screenshot and first impression in PvE. Im puchase only the blue version but it has same spec as the red one.

In RU server, T-72B3 sold with 3 different color, Red, Blue and Green. Red and Blue has same price ( 2200 ruble or about $38) but the Green version is cheaper, only 1800 ruble ( about $31). The western publisher didnt bring Green version to west server.

The hull is similar with T-90 hull, it have same hit points and same thickness so I can say there is no different with the T-90 hull.

Now the turret. T-72B3 have sam thickness with T-90. The model of the turrent looks same too, the different only in ERA and ATGM jammer. The T-72B3 doesnt have ATGM jammer/APS.

The gun is same too with T-90 ( 2nd upgrade gun) that have same damage, penetration and other. The engine is little bit different, T-72B3 has better top speed and better hull travers speed than T-90 but lose in acceleration.

So, its a premium T-90 without APS.

Its good for PvE, PvP or GLOPS ?
I cant say much how it perform in PvP and GLOPS because lack of player (NA server problem). But I already trying some match in PvE and some mission in Hard mode. For me, T-72B3 is bad for MBT. Since patch 0.18 , AI is more skillful (pffff, cheating with laser aim and super duper accurate gun) so its easy for AI to shot the turret ring. Every match I got my turret and my gun destroy, they are soooo easily destroyed and its annoying.

T-72B3 frontal weakspot

Its only me or other player ? When I drive in T-72B3, all my team is tier 7,6 and 5 ( sometimes tier 8 but same tank T-72B3). MAybe this is a special MM ?

So what makes this tank is special and worth for 9600 gold ?
By buying T-72B3 Red or Blue you get :
- T-72B3 Red or Blue tier 8 MBT
- 3 days premium time
- 5x Platinum battlefield glory boost
- 2 St. Patrick day decal ( special )
- Level 5 crew ( because usually you got noob level 1 crew in premium vehicle, so I think its special)

For me its not cheap, spend $43.98 or Rp.590.000 is very wasteful, but you get the nice camoflage and special decal. It can be nice collection in your garege but if you dont care about the camo, dont click buy and keep your money.

UPDATE : My.com removed the T-72B3 from server because MM problem. Sales suspended, no ETA.
T-72B3 BLUE PREVIEW T-72B3 BLUE PREVIEW Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 3/17/2017 Rating: 5

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