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Hi guys !
Write this from my phone because its alredy 00.55 AM here. Just want to give info to you, Armored Warfare  facebook page give us leak when patch 0.19 will release next week


This post says about new global ops map in patch 0.19 and in last word it says patch 0.19 will appear next week like what comunity moderators and SS says.  But what day ? I assume in tuesday or thursday.

Also this is confusing, the source is from AW Poland facebook page, not from HERE that usually post official update and news. And still no confirm in Forum and official AW portal.

UPDATE : Looks like we need to wait a little bit longer, AW polish delete the post that say patch 0.19 will be release this week.

Source : AW Facebook
CONFIRM PATCH 0.19 APPEAR NEXT WEEK ? CONFIRM PATCH 0.19 APPEAR NEXT WEEK ? Reviewed by Jager Gemz on 3/27/2017 Rating: 5

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