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Hello guys !
Tomorow AW portal post article about T-72B3 tier 8 premium MBT. That tank look so awesome for me.

Basically, T-72B3 is major upgrade from old T-72. They receive new 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun ( same as T-90A gun ) and for the protection, T-72B3 have Kontakt-5 ERA that have better protection than old Kontakt-1.

Full article can you read HERE

Back to topic, at that article you can see the T-72B3 with unique skin, red camoflauge and blue camoflauge.

scr4  scr5

So what that mean ? Based at the article says "In Armored Warfare, the T-72B3 will be a Tier 8 Premium and Reward Main Battle Tank." I think this tank will be reward for future event like Tournament PvP and PvE, Lords of War mode (clan wars winner) or other fraction event.

Because they colored in red and blue my prediction is this tank will be reward for fraction event like RedFor vs BlueFor or The Blues (Chelsea) vs The Reds/Red Devils (Liverpool or Manchaster United) because im fans of european footballs. Just my fantasy what will happened in future. And maybe you can buy it in premium shop too (as usual).

UPDATE : My.com really put it on Premium shop HERE
Happy shopping
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