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  • - The developers are planning to introduce tank "proving grounds" for the players to test their vehicles on. Its design will be based on the Alabino Proving Grounds in Russia
  • - The developers recognize the "pixel hunting" high tier PvP gameplay as a problem, first corrections to remedy the situation will be introduced in Update 0.14
  • - The pipeline object on the Pipelines map cannot be simply made destructible, it's an important gameplay element of the map
  • - Smoke grenades for the M8 Thunderbolt will be added in Update 0.14
  • - The T-80 Tier 7 Main Battle Tank will be improved by adding elements from the T-80B and T-80U tanks such as the Kontakt ERA kit
  • - There are no immediate plans to add black Base Paint
  • - The developers have discussed the player proposal to add a time display to the Garage and decided not to do it for the time being
  • - The developers will consider the player idea to introduce the option to quickly swap from one team to another in the Custom Match window
  • - There are plans to introduce the Commander's Camera feature to Custom Matches in the future
  • - The option for an Observer in Custom Matches to see the match result screen will be added
That's it for today, see you next time!

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